Man found dead in abandoned dam for govt project at Sefwi


A man, believed to be in his thirties, has died in an abandoned dam meant for government’s rice project at Sefwi Anyinabrim in the Wiawso municipality.

According to residents, the body was discovered yesternight, but the environment made it impossible to retrieve the body.

He was found lying in a supine position inside the dam for irrigation of rice and vegetables.

The Assemblymember and police were notified for retrieval of the body. The state of the body indicated he had been lying unnoticed in the dam for a while.

Meanwhile, as the news spread in the community, some individuals alerted the assemblyman of their missing relations, for which they were permitted to view the body.

A family confirmed the deceased is their relation and gave his name as Isaac Adjei.

The family has, since, prepared for a quick burial, following the state of the corpse.

Source: Ghana Guardian