Microsoft set to place 50,000 employees on jobs with LinkedIn


Microsoft said on Tuesday that the company plans to place 50,000 employees in jobs that require technical skills through the professional networking site LinkedIn to help workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic enter new areas.

The idea was floated back in 2020, due to the pandemic-related business closures which struck service personnel harder than technicians and other white-collar workers who can work from home.

LinkedIn has revealed that the free courses would be extended until the end of this year. Microsoft and LinkedIn, who aimed at hitting a 25 million people landmark, said on Tuesday, March 30, 2020, that the platform has attracted about 30.7 million, most of which are from the United States with many from almost every other part of the world.

LinkedIn offers many paid digital skills training courses for free, covering topics such as software development, data analysis, and financial analysis.

Announcing the results, Microsoft President Brad Smith said in a post: “I wasn’t expecting 91 participants from Antarctica.”

Microsoft said that it has found that digital training courses are most effective with the help of local non-profit organizations that help people learn new skills, and that it will work with these organizations to place 50,000 people in jobs that require technical skills in the next three years. The plan initially focused on the United States, but will be expanded beyond the United States starting next year.

This is one of Microsoft’s first initiatives to work closely with LinkedIn and its GitHub software coding tool service, both of which allow Microsoft to operate in a relatively autonomous manner.