Monthly payment of assembly members’ salaries not feasible – Local Govt Service


Head of the Local Government Service Dr Ato Arthur says paying salaries to assembly members monthly is not feasible.

He believes what is more realistic is the introduction of electoral area funds for the assembly members to embark on projects at the local level.

NDC flagbearer John Dramani Mahama in June pledged that his government will implement a policy that will see to it that Assembly members and Unit Committee Members across the country are put on a monthly salary structure just like other public office holders like MPs.

He described them as “the bedrock of our local governance system.”

But Dr Arthur maintains that even though he thinks assembly members should not be paid monthly, they can be resourced in the form of quarterly allowances for them to work efficiently and effectively.

Speaking to Regina Borley Bortey on ‘Shaping the Nation’ he noted “they need to be resourced, if its by way of allowances, electoral area funds to do projects in their electoral area. It is important to make it clear that paying assembly members, that is not actually the issue. Assembly members are teachers, engineers, nurses and you can’t pay any person twice from the consolidated fund. But what I say is if we can give assembly members allowances, assembly members can qualify.”

He added “another area that is coming up is what we refer to as electoral area fund like the way the MPs get development fund. That could also serve aa purpose so that assembly members can really work effectively and efficiently. I’m all for it, resourcing assembly members.”

When asked how feasible the move to pay assembly members was, he indicated “it will not be feasible, let’s look at the way we deal with the MPs common fund. Let’s do what we can do to support assembly members. If it will come by way of allowance quarterly, if it will come by way of electoral area fund, I am all for resourcing assembly members.”

“If we will be able to get assembly members quarterly allowance for them to work. If we are able to institute the electoral area fund,” he added.

Source: Starr FM