My friends turned witches first time I smoked weed – A Plus


His quest to grab the attention of some ladies who were smoking weed with his friends led him to have a taste of the substance only to pay a price. A Plus suddenly saw witches.

The popular musician and satirist in his interview on Kofi TV disclosed that he has experimented a number of things; smoking marijuana cannot be an exception.

His comment is on the back of a post he made on Facebook on August 15, 2020 where he alleged that a “presidential material” who had the “guts to talk about papa no” slept with a “presidential advisor’s wife and breaking his home”.

While stressing that the said individual who has an ambition to be president has no moral right to comment about another’s promiscuity, A Plus mentioned that his target “used to come to my house with pono [pornography] on a pen drive to watch on a projector because you want to see everything clear like Kofi TV.”

Although a section of the public pointed inferred his post was directed at a minister who doubles as a legislator, Kwame Asare Obeng as the satirist is known in real life said he cannot be held responsible for people’s assertions of his cryptic post although he is happy about the direction it took.

He noted that whoever brought the pornography for viewership and the persons who were around at the time “know themselves” adding that he [A Plus] is not a saint.

According to him, he has engaged in several activities, including smoking marijuana, for one reason or the other.

“I’ve smoked weed before. Some friends of mine came from the US and they were smoking; ladies inclusive. While they smoked, it appeared they were getting attached to the guys so I joined them,” he recalled in local dialect Asante Twi.

Asked how he felt after smoking the substance, A Plus responded: “Whoever say weed doesn’t make you insane is a liar. When I smoked, a minute seemed 20 seconds to me. I could see my friends; not as humans but witches.”

Source: ghanaweb


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