Netflix set to launch free ‘Netflix For Wildlife Documentaries’ streaming service this autumn


A new streaming service dubbed the ‘Netflix for wildlife documentaries’ is launching this autumn. You can see what it’s all about here:

The WaterBear Network will be home to original content and curated documentaries about the planet we inhabit.

As well as entertaining and informing viewers, the ‘innovative’ platform aims to empower people to turn intention into action through a range of integrated features. For example, if you are watching a documentary about leatherback turtle conservation efforts in Costa Rica, the service can simultaneously point you in the direction of relevant charities, organisations, volunteering opportunities and more.

This immediate guidance could certainly help to enact meaningful engagement. I for one have most definitely been guilty of watching a David Attenborough doc, getting all worked up and inspired to make a difference, and then forgetting all about it when Match of the Day comes on (the polar bears can wait until I’ve seen the Burnley vs. Brighton highlights, I shamefully think).

The service is being launched in partnership with 70 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from across the globe, including the likes of GreenPeace, Africa Parks, WWF, WCN, World Fairtrade Organisation, Women4Oceans, Sea Shepherd, Amazon Watch, Circle Economy and the Jane Goodall Institute.

It will launch in November (though the specific date is yet to be announced) and will feature ‘some huge household names’ (again, this is being kept secret for now).

Best of all, the platform is completely free, unlike Netflix, which is paid for by one of your relatives. Hopefully though the WaterBear Network will inspire you to put some cash or time towards one of the countless deserving causes it will promote.

Netflix for wildlife documentaries - sounds good, doesn't it? Credit: WaterBear Network

Ellen Windemuth, CEO of the WaterBear Network, said: “We are excited about WaterBear’s ability to encourage people to not just watch, but actually interact with the causes they care about.

“The first network of its kind, we have the chance to be at the forefront of the most pressing issues of our time – showcasing the work being done to protect our Earth boundaries and human rights, and empowering us to take direct action to shape a better future for our fragile planet.”