Nobles Forum urge EC to extend voters exhibition exercise by one week


The West Africa Nobles Forum, a group of eminent personalities in the West Africa sub-region, has appealed to the Electoral Commission of Ghana to extend the Voters Exhibition Exercise by one week, to guarantee a thorough, credible and acceptable exercise.

In a release signed by the Executive Director of the NGO, Dr. Dee Otibu-Asare, the group said the speech by the Ghanaian President, Nana Akuffo Addo at the United Nations 75th General Assembly, assuring the whole world of a transparent, free, fair, safe and credible elections come December 7th, should be backed up, by transparent, credible and acceptable actions by the Election Commission.

The group called on the EC to carry the political Parties along, at every step of their activities more so, when the first day of October, 2020 has been fixed, for another round of registration of those who missed the first exercise, adding that the exercise too, should involve all the political parties.

Anything short of that will portray the EC in a bad light, stressing that posterity will judge all Ghanaians if the seat unconcern.

On the Western Togoland issue, the eminent persons group, called on the new Chairman of ECOWAS to act swiftly to save Ghana from outside insurgents who could take advantage of the upcoming elections in December, to ferment chaos in the country.

The Forum advised the youth in the regions affected to avoid acts that will land them in trouble, as their godfathers will not be around, to save them when they fall foul of the law.