NPP only pay for freebies with borrowed money – Benjamin Nsiah reveals


Deputy Communication Director for the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Benjamin Nsiah says the New Patriotic Party is going to borrow to pay the freebies given to Ghanaians.

Mr. Nsiah, has asserted that there is no free lunch and as such the freebies given to the people of Ghana, under the government of President Akufo, is not for free and that the government will borrow to pay for those freebies.

In an interview on Pan African TV monitored by GhanaCrusader, he said “There is nothing called free lunch. And everything must go somewhere else, so the moment you give me freebies, what Ghanaians must know now is that NPP government is going to borrow to pay those freebies they are giving to us”.

In an alternative point he stated that he has received several reports which indicate that the government’s decision to supply students, teaching and non teaching staff hot meals is because; the school feeding caterers complained that foods meant for the basic schools are going waste and as such government should put measures in place to get them to supply those foods to the students. That is the brain behind the supplying of hot meals for students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Mr. Nsiah believes the main reason behind the free food in the Junior High Schools is because the President wanted to satisfy the school feeding caterers.

“So the President implemented those or said this policy on Sunday because he wanted it to benefit the school feeding caterers. And that is the truth Ghanaians should know”.

The President in his 15th Address to the Nation said that measures have been put in place to feed the Junior High School students, teaching and non teaching staff, as they prepare for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Source: Ghana Crusader


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