NUGS-China chapter salutes Akufo-Addo on re-election as Ghana’s president


On behalf of the National Union of Ghana Students-China (NUGS-China), we wish to congratulate you on your re-election as President of the Republic of Ghana. We look forward to making progress in Ghana’s developmental agenda from the last session.

Ghana is still developing and your administration has made some progresses.

However, there is still work to be done. We believe it is in this light that Ghanaians have given your administration a second term to continue the work you started.

NUGS-China seeks the academic, social and general welfare of Ghanaian students in China with the support of the Ghana Embassy in China. We aspire to mobilize the intellectual resources of members in an effort to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of our motherland and portray the socio-cultural heritage of Ghana to the world.

Our union has witnessed quite significant engagements with the Ghana Mission in Beijing under the auspices of H. E. Edward Boateng, Ghana’s Ambassador to China. We are glad to say remarkable achievements have been made through these engagements. NUGS-China is grateful for the support received pre-pandemic and post-pandemic times.

Nonetheless, the National Union of Ghana Students-China will continue to have greater expectations from your re-election as we also continue to seek and promote the developmental agenda of our motherland.

As a student union in China, it is our vision is to be seen as one of the contributing bodies to the socio-economic development of Ghana.

It is estimated that, there are more than 6,000 Ghanaian students pursuing various degree programs in China. It is our hope that these students are targeted to make notable impact on Ghana’s socio-economic development through their knowledge and skills acquired during their study period. We hope to see continuous advancement in the areas of investment in students abroad that will explore new areas for project developments in our country.

China continues to produce medical students for Ghana through the various top-notch. medical institutions here in China. These medical students help to increase the quality of healthcare service in Ghana with respect to supply of labour at the various health sectors in Ghana.

Nevertheless, there are issues about the accreditation of some medical institutions by the Ghana Medical and Dental Council. We believe this medium could be leverage to get accreditation for some of the medical schools that our members belong to. We look forward to a more deepened bilateral relation between Ghana and China that will ensure the accreditation of more Medical Schools in China.

In an effort to realize our vision, we are embarking on some projects. These projects include NUGS-China Lab, Project Exhibition, and Problem Solving Contest.

The NUGS-China Lab is an education program that offers academic and industrial training to Ghanaian Students in China through an online and onsite medium of courses instruction to help students advance in their careers, job skills, and derive substantial results for industrial or academic development.

The project exhibition aims to create an avenue or a link between students studying in China, industries, and other bodies. Students will have the opportunity to show projects that they are embarking on to possible investors and employers who may be seeking to invest in potential groundbreaking projects.

The Problem Solving Contest seeks to unearth real solutions to problems that exist in our country or around us, from our members. By this, Ghanaian students studying in China will highly be recognized for contributing to solving problems in Ghana and China by the brilliant submissions in the contest.

We look forward to more governmental programs that will harness the opportunities available within our union.

We believe the best investment we can make for the future is the education of all our citizens. We look forward to your continued success in championing the developmental agenda of our country. Best wishes as you commence your second term of office.


Collins Sey,

National President,


Source: Collins Sey