Nursing and Midwifery Council inducts over 405,000 midwives and nurse assistants


The Nursing and Midwifery Council has held a virtual induction ceremony for Nurse Assistants, Nurses and Midwives who qualified in 2019 and 2020. These practitioners sat and passed the licensing examinations that were conducted by the Council in 2019 and 2020.

This is the first time the Council had conducted the induction ceremony Online and it was streamed live via the Council’s YouTube Channel and its Facebook Account.

In all, forty-nine thousand, five hundred and seventy-six (49, 576) practitioners were inducted.

The breakdown are as follows;

In 2019 the following category of practitioners qualified;

Nurses 8,903

Midwives 5,515

Nurse Assistants 10,727

In 2020 the following category of practitioners qualified;

Nurses 11,624

Midwives 5,515

Nurse Assistants 6,457

Eighteen awards were presented to deserving practitioners who excelled in the licensing examinations.


1. Faiza Bayala (best Candidate in Registered General Nursing -Written)

2. Danzumah Baba (best Candidate in Registered General Nursing -Practical).

3. Naomi Aniwaa Danso (best Candidate in Registered Midwifery -Online MCQs).

4. Abena Saah Duku (best Candidate in Registered Midwifery -Practical).

5. Khadijah Basheer (best Candidate in Registered Online MCQs)

6. Diana Teye (best Candidate in Registered Mental Health Nursing -Practical)

7. Esther Amesawu (best Candidate in Registered Community Nursing-Online


8. Emmanuel Yirenchi (best Candidate in Registered Community Nursing – Practical)

9. Samuel Sekyi Mensah (best Candidate in PatienUFamily Care Study-2019)


10. Elizabeth Asiedu MCQs).

(best Candidate in Registered General Nursing -Online

11. Memuna Abubakar (best Candidate in Registered General Nursing -Practical).

12. Rashida Alhassan (best Candidate in Registered Midwifery (Online MCQs).

13. Habiba Simdi Mohammed (best Candidate in Registered Midwifery -Practical).

14. Charles Mensah (best Candidate in Registered Mental Health Nursing – Online MCQs).

15. Rebecca Egyabeng (best Candidate in Registered Mental Health Nursing­ Practical).

16. Richard Mornaa Bangzie Nursing-Online MCQ.

(best Candidate in Registered Community)

17. Philomena Blay (best Candidate in Registered Community Nursing -Practical).

18. Felicity Gyan Boakye (best Candidate in PatienUFamily Care Study)


Administering the Induction Oath to the newly qualified practitioners, Rev. Veronica Darko, Chairperson of the 14th Governing Board of the Council, advised the newly qualified practitioners to make hard work a fundamental pillar in their profession as they are entering one of the most difficult, diverse and demanding professions.

She noted that Nursing and Midwifery is a profession of trust and the competence they exhibit will always earn them an entry into the job space but it will take their professionalism to sustain and rise through the job.

The Registrar of the Council, Mr. Felix Nyante also encouraged the new practitioners to maintain strong professional values like selflessness, empathy, integrity and truth if they are going to be prosperous in their profession.

He urged them to participate actively in continuous professional development programmes, post graduate programmes and specialization.

Dr. Gloria Magaretta Chandi, Director of Health Services at the Ga North Municipal Health Directorate reminded them that, “Your core responsibility is to protect your clients. Always ensure your client is safe. I really do not understand nurses who think they are doing their clients a favour. In our code of conduct anything that befalls a client in your care is your responsibility whether or not you were instructed by another professional or not.”

My dear Inductees, do not talk harshly to people. Rather show respect and concern.

May I also remind you to maintain your professional knowledge and competence at high standards all the times. keep on learning. Read around your patient’s diagnosis and be on top of your game. You need to teach and mentor others. You need to take the best decision in favour of your client. You are their advocate,

As we bring the year of the nurse and midwife to a close, make up your mind to lift the banner of nursing high. It is not too late to change to the Florence Nightingale you vowed to be.

To my colleagues who are already in the profession. The way you leave nursing now will determine the care you will receive in your retirement when you will not have the power to correct or undo what you looked on carelessly” END

Issued by

Nana Boateng Agyeman

Head of Public Affairs