The government has hinted at plans to review the electronic transfer levy (E-levy) to ensure tax compliance.

Ofori -Atta hints of plans to review E-levy to ensure compliance

The e-levy imposes a 1.5 percent charge on all electronic transfers including mobile money and bank transfers.

The government says despite an impressive outcome from the levy for the first and second quarters of the year, there is a need to broaden the tax net to enhance domestic revenue mobilization.

Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta made this known during a press briefing on the economy last week.

“The Ghana Revenue Authority has intensified its efforts to shore up domestic revenue, particularly in relation to the enforcement of compliance measures.

The increased visibility of GRA officials at various commercial establishments and at borders across the country is in pursuit of meeting our objectives.”

“We are also looking at areas around the E-Levy to ensure its efficient implementation.”

In line with this the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is also conducting a survey on the levy.