Over 77,000 recovers from coronavirus, as daily infection peaks at 400

Microscopic illustration of the spreading 2019 corona virus that was discovered in Wuhan, China. The image is an artisic but scientific interpretation, with all relevant surface details of this particular virus in place, including Spike Glycoproteins, Hemagglutinin-esterase, E- and M-Proteins and Envelope.

Despite the citizens’ adherence of all implemented covid-19 protocols, the pandemic has continued to spread across the country like wildfire.

President Akufo-Addo in his address to Ghanaians revealed that as of Friday, 26th February 2021, the total number of active cases stands at 5,444; the daily infection rate stands at 400; while a total of 77,972 people have successfully recovered from the coronavirus.

He further noted that since his last update, “one hundred and ninety-one (191) more people have sadly passed away, bringing the number of cumulative deaths to six hundred and seven (607), and twenty-four (24) persons are critically ill.”

“Out of sixty-nine thousand, three hundred and fifty (69,350) schools in the country, two hundred and seven (207) have reported cases of infections. The number of active cases is now two hundred and eighty-two (282).”