Pandemonium rocks PNC meeting over Janet Nabila’s status


A press conference at the national headquarters of the People’s National Convention (PNC) turned chaotic on Wednesday morning when executives were split on the current status of Janet Asana Nabila, the party’s General Secretary.

Earlier, it had been reported that Janet Nabila had been suspended by the party but she challenged the report stating later that there was no quorum in the decision to suspend her.

She added that the persons pushing for her suspension are the National Chairman, Moses Dani Baah, and their 2020 presidential candidate, David Apasera, because they fear being exposed by her for allegedly embezzling party monies.

“It is on record that the hardworking General Secretary has on countless occasions complained about how the Leader and the Chairman misappropriated the party’s funds to the tune of GH₵1.7 million during the 2020 elections,” she said.

With this matter hanging within the executive body of the PNC, reports that the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the PNC, Bala Maikankan, stormed the press conference demanding an explanation on the matter.

His attempt resulted in heated exchanges among the officials as they expressed unhappiness with his approach on the matter.

“Janet is also coming to deliver everything you need, it’s simple,” Maikankan is heard saying in a video footage.

The press conference, the report added, was supposed to address all these issues, but it was so chaotic that it had to take the intervention of the police to prevent the confrontation from escalating.

The meeting eventually had to be held in private.

Source: ghanaweb