Police launch investigation into Funny Face’s alleged illegal firearms discharge


The Central Regional Police Command has assured the public that the comedian Mr. Benson Boateng (also known as “funny face”) will promptly be investigated over suspected illegal discharge of firearms.

As gathered by GhanaTalksRadio, the command is also investigating harassment by the police deployed to arrest him following allegations of shooting by residents of Kasoa in the Central Region.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Irene Serwaah Oppong and the head of the Regional Public Affairs Department revealed this.

She further emphasized that the Command had spotted a viral video on social media, captioned: “I was brutally beaten by Kasoa police and arrested”.


In the said video, two police officers were seen attempting to arrest Mr. Boateng, but he resisted, DSP Oppong said.

DSP Oppong revealed that in the above video, two policemen were seen trying to arrest Mr. Boateng, which he refused. She further emphasized that the Comedian was never brutalised by the police, instead “the Comedian failed to state the true facts of the case”.

In a more detailed information about the incident, she said that on Monday, February 8, 2021, the Millennium City Police Department received a complaint from the Millennium City resident Ex WO1 Charles Akwasi Owusu.

At about 0330 hours, Funny Face went to his drinking spot and there was a misunderstanding between Funny Face and one Mr. James Akariboro, the bar attendant which led to a fight after which Funny Face rushed into his car for a pomp action gun and gave four warning shots.

At about 0330, “Funny Face” arrived at his drinking place. A misunderstanding between him and the bar attendant, Mr. James Akariboro led to a scuffle, which prompted Funny Face to run to his car, only to bring out a pump action gun and released four warning shots.

Police officers were detailed to arrest funny Face but he resisted and moved towards his car. According to DSP Oppong, the arresting officers applied the police minimum force required to effect the arrest and sent him to the Millennium City Police station where he was detained and granted police inquiry bail the following day.

Police officials were therefore dispatched to arrest him, but he refused and walked towards his vehicle. According to DSP Oppong, the arresters used the required minimum force of the police to achieve his arrest, and was to the Millennium City Police Station, where he remained until he was released on police investigation bail the day after.