Public Health Committee pushes for all pupils to be withdrawn from schools


DPHEC proposes withdrawal of kids from school
The District Public Health Emergency Committee (DPHEC), currently in charge of COVID-19 and its related issues in Dormaa East, is proposing for the withdrawal of school children – from Lower Primary to Nursery – from schools for the time being.

This, the committee believes, would enable the nation to best protect the children against the coronavirus pandemic, especially now that the disease has intensified in the country and making kids who usually would have had no underlying factors succumb to it in its second wave.

As gathered by GhanaTalksRadio, the committee in its first meeting this year on Tuesday suggested the government put a hold on the academic activities of pupils below primary 3, since they are vulnerable to what is at stake, do not properly understand, and cannot practice the covid-19 protocols to the fullest and the fact that wearing of nose mask for a longer period among the very little ones could possibly result in a choke.

The decision was reached, when individual members expressed fear, following observations they had made since the reopening of schools. Among them is an incident where a little boy was seen putting on a used nose mask he picked up by the roadside close to his school. Another complaint was, how some private school buses packed the children in and out of schools without observing physical distance, among others.

In this second wave of the disease, the district has already recorded four (4) cases with other results yet to be received while contact tracing is underway to curb the situation. The committee is of the view that though no pre-school has recorded any cases of the virus, the committee believes, their proposal could be considered to forestall future regret.

The DPHEC is in charge of ensuring the implementation of government’s directives on COVID-19 at the District level and has since day one of the government’s plans to combat the disease, not relent in implementing measures and strategies for the strict compliance to such directives towards fighting the pandemic in the district aside its own local initiatives.

Membership includes the District Chief Executive who is the chairman, the District Coordinating Director who is the Secretary, the security, (the Police, CID, BNI, and National Security), the District Health Director, Education Director, NADMO, NCCE, Environmental and Information Officers.

The committee is currently putting its proposal in writing to be formally presented to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development under which the DPHEC has been formed and regulated.

Meanwhile, as part of measures to ensure full compliance with the protocols, the committee would from the coming days visit all schools as wells as area councils to see how best collaboration with leadership in sensitization and monitoring would help in ensuring strict adherence to the protocols and measures placed locally.