Punishment awaits immigration officers caught smuggling things into Ghana – Minister


Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, has disclosed that personnel of the Ghana Immigration Service who have been found culpable of taking bribes to allow illegal entry into the country would face the full wrath of the law.

A recent expose’ revealed how GIS officers stationed at borders demand huge amounts of money from travelers to allow them smuggle goods into the country without a thorough search.

The Interior Minister who was furious after learning that people were using illegal means to gain entry into the country sent a strong word of caution to people in the illegal act.

Ambrose Dery said, “I want to warn all those who think they can use unapproved routes to get to this country and therefore sabotage our efforts at keeping extremisms out.”

He added, “I can assure you that the Ghana Immigration Service is doing a good work and giving me daily information about the number of people that they arrest.”

According to Ambrose Dery, five GIS officers are under investigation and if found guilty, the said officers would be served with justice.

“There are disturbing news that some officers of GIS are trying by their unpatriotic activity and behaviour to sabotage us, let me make it clear to all officers that anyone found it that unpatriotic acts would be dealt with,” the minister said during the inauguration of GIS testing center in Accra.

He added, “I’m aware that about five officers are being sent through a disciplinary process of the service and we are going to make sure they will be dealt with.”

Ambrose Dery went ahead to say, “Let us make sure that our officers, pursuant to the allegations not to take money and allow people in. It will be expensive for us to jeopardize our security and covid-19 efforts.”

Source: Peace fm