Republican Senators turn on Trump over tweet about 75 year old protester


GOP senators on Capitol Hill have expressed their dismay at a Donald Trump tweet accusing 75-year-old Black Lives Matter protester Martin Gugino of being an “ANTIFA provocateur” and dismissing the viral video in which he is seen being shoved over by police at a George Floyd demonstration in Buffalo, New York, as “a set up”.

“It’s a serious accusation which should only be made with facts and evidence, and I haven’t seen any yet”, commented John Thune of South Dakota, according to The Hill. Asked if he thought Trump should cease-and-desist, Thune answered: “Well, I think that’s a given.”
 Utah’s Mitt Romney branded the speculation from the president “shocking” and said: “I won’t dignify it with any further comment.”

“It would best if the president did not comment on issues that are before the courts,” said Susan Collins of Maine, putting it mildly.

Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander said simply: “The voters can evaluate that. I’m not going to give a running commentary on the president’s tweets.”

Most relatably of all, Alaska moderate Lisa Murkowski responded: “Oh lord. It just makes no sense that we’re fanning the flames right at this time, this is not good.”
 If only Collins, Alexander and Murkowski had joined Romney in breaking ranks to vote for Trump’s impeachment back in February, as they had so heavily hinted they might before backing out.

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo was none too keen on the tweet either: