Residents of Wrapong cry out over poor network, potable drinking water


Residents of Wrapong in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region have appealed to government to come to their aid and provide them with potable drinking water.

The residents also want the government to fix the phone network challenges confronting the community.

Speaking to CTV News’ Kamal Ahmed, a resident of the area Kumah Prince Lawer noted that due network challenges, teachers find it difficult to teach ICT to students.

He therefore appealed to government to ensure that the network is fixed in order to enhance teaching and learning of ICT in schools in the community.

Mr Kumah revealed that the only source of water in the area, is a stream, however, when it rains, the water runs from the town into the stream and during the harmattan season, they are forced to still drink from it, though the water would have become polluted and stagnant.

He further appealed to government to provide a source of potable water for the area in place of the stream.

Reiterating the challenges confronting residents of the community, another resident, Dadematse (Odikro) Francis Narh indicated that due to the network challenges in the area, when teachers get posted to the community they refuse to stay.

Also, the community is constantly faced with robbery attacks but due to the poor network it is difficult accessing the police in order for them to come to their aid.

He further appealed to government to provide another source of water for the community instead of the stream.

Source: Class FM