Road contractors must go and learn dust control strategy from China – Ministerial nominee


Ashanti Regional Minister-designate, Simon Osei-Mensah, has admitted that roads under construction in his region are largely dusty.

He averred that the dry season was a major factor but also lack of dust control expertise especially among Ghanaian contractors was making matters worse.

“Some of the roads under construction are dusty because we are in the dry season. Once a while, some few of the contractors try to water the road but after some few hours we still have the dust back,” he said.

Whiles making submissions during his vetting in Parliament, Osei-Mensah told the Appointments Committee that he had asked local contractors to learn from how their Chinese counterparts controlled dust during construction.

“Why can’t they use the strategy used by the Chinese?” he asked. In explaining the strategy, he narrated how Chinese contractors ensured old roads are operational as they work to asphalt new ones before transiting motorists to the new one.

“But most of the Ghanaian contractors, what I have seen is that they will grade about 10 kms, how can you water 10kms? So they will do little (watering), next time you have the dust again.”

He gave two examples to illustrate his point: “From Ahingseng Brewery to Ahwiase where Chico is constructing, Chico has left the old roads and is doing the sides, so when they finish asphalting that side, they will divert the vehicles onto that side so when it is dry you don’t have any problems.

“The same thing applies to China GEO who are doing the extension of Sofo line interchange to Abuakwa. You realize now they have almost completed in front of Yaa Asantewaa. So I am sure after asphalting, they will ask you to leave the old road so that you don’t experience the dust,” he added.

Source: ghanaweb