Sammy Gyamfi insists on the need to take $5m Chief Justice bribe scandal very seriously


The National Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Sammy Gyemfi, has urged that the bribery allegations against Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin- Yeboah, need to be treated very seriously.

He said, “Lawyer Akwasi Afrifa, has achieved so much in his years of legal practice and also had a reputation to protect when the facts of the matter are put to test.”

In respect to his comment monitoring by GhanaTalksRadio; “If accusation was from a nobody, we will not discuss it. But this is coming from a senior lawyer, Akwasi Afrifa Esq., the lawyer behind the statement is a very senior lawyer with so many years at the bar.

“He has built a reputation for himself and every child in Kumasi will likely know him. He is one of the most successful, accomplished, reputable lawyers in the Ashanti Region as far as I know, having lived there for the better part of my life.”

However, this is not a person known for making frivolous and unguarded allegations at least the life, he has lived and the character does not portray as stray talker.

So far, the kind of a senior lawyer with his training experience and knowledge to come out and say this what my client told me, is very disturbing indeed.

Akwasi Afrifa, in response to a petition filed against him by a client at the General Legal Council (GCL), alleged that, “the said client had told him about a US$5 million bribe request from the Chief Justice in a case he was presiding over.”

“He further informed me that, the Chief Justice had demanded a bribe of US$5,000,000 for a successful outcome to his case and that he had already paid US$500,000 to the Chief Justice,” Lawyer Afrifa alleged in response to his client’s petition before the General Legal Council.
The client has since denied this claim in a statement.

The Chief Justice, has gone through two routes to clear his name, first in a letter through the Judicial Service to the Police CID, the Chief Justice denied having anything to do with the potentially criminal matter and denied taking money to influence any decision.

“His Lordship, the Chief Justice is saddened that without any shred of evidence his name has been dragged into this sordid and potentially criminal matter.

“His Lordship further asserted that he has not demanded or received any money from any person to influence any decision,” the letter said.
Another petition has been file at the GCL with the deciplinary committee of the council expected to sit on the matter.

The NDC at a press conference called for the Chief Justice to step aside to allow for a formal probe as well as demanding that the proceedings of the probe be televised publicly due to the gravity of the allegations and implications thereof.

A pro-NDC group has petition CHRAJ to look into that matter, a GNA report noted that CHRAJ said, “the ASEPA petition was receiving necessary attention.”