Sandema Robbery : Church Elder says robbers received a tip off


Presiding Elder for the Church Of Pentecost  Central Assembly in the Sandema District, Elder Francis Ayeuenkanbe Apanab, says he is certain the armed men who attacked the church received a tip off.

This statement by the Church Elder comes after Two armed men attacked the Sandema Central Assembly of the Church Of Pentecost and made away with the Church’s offering for the day as well as phones and tablets of those present as at the time of the incident

Speaking exclusively on Atinka FM’s AM Drive with host Ekourba Gyasi, Presiding Elder for the Church Of Pentecost’s Central Assembly in the Sandema District, Elder Francis Ayeuenkanbe Apanab narrated that one deaconess of the Church was counting the offering the Church had received for the day.

He added that the robbers arrived at the premises and asked them to stop counting the money and lie down.

The two armed men, just like they had instructed, took the money and bolted amidst warning shots.

“I was in the company of a deaconess who is our financial secretary and then one elder. When the two men entered the Church, we even thought they were part of Covid-19 team sent by government to ensure that Churches adhere to the covid protocols, but they instructed us to lie down. They took the offering and bolted on their motorbike while giving warning shots,” he narrated.

Asked if the Church suspects anyone, Elder Francis Ayeuenkanbe Apanab explained that the time the robbers came suggests that they had received a tip-off from a close source.

He added that the two armed men came when the church had closed and everyone had left the premises with the exception of the financial secretary, one elder and himself.

Source: Atinka Online