Scam Alert: We’re not hiring; Ghana Highway Authority warns


The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) has cautioned the public against people or scammers who use various online portals to lure potential job seekers with job offers at the Authority.

In a release dated January 14, 2021, and signed by the Acting Chief Executive, A.B.K Nuhu, the GHA noted that “these individuals/recruitment agencies are misguiding these Jobseekers and promising them well-placed jobs with the Authority.”

“They are asking applicants to purchase inspection voucher PIN at Ghana Jobs Head Office, East Legon, American House to enable them to attend upcoming interviews slated for 14th January 2021” the letter further stated.

According to the Press release, “the Ghana Highway Authority follows a formal recruitment process through its own HR Division and does not outsource the selection of prospective employee to any individual or agency.”

“GHA does not ask for any deposit or fees, (Refundable or Non-Refundable) at any stage of the recruitment process, as advertised on the numerous online portals” the letter added.

The public is therefore advised not to engage with these faceless individuals or recruitment agencies, else they do so at their own risks.

Source: angelonline