Scandinavian Airlines passengers to wear face mask on flights


Passengers travelling on flights operated by SAS will be required to wear face masks throughout their flight, the Scandinavian airline has announced.

Masks will be mandatory for all passengers over the age of six from the moment they board the aircraft until the moment they disembark at their destination.  

“The measures aimed to prevent the spread of coronavirus together with clean and dry air onboard makes flying a safe means of transportation,”  Mattias Hedrén, the airline’s vice president in charge of safety and security, said in a press release.  “Many people in Scandinavia are completely dependent on SAS and air travel.

They can rest assured we are taking all aspects concerning health and safety extremely seriously.”  The new requirement was one of a list of measures brought in, which the airline said it believed meant that passengers could fly without a serious risk of infection.  It said that studies indicated that only “an extremely small number” of coronavirus infections could be traced to air travel.  

The plane accompanied the announcement with posts on social media, connecting the new guidelines to a history of safety-consciousness. 

As well as making masks mandatory for all passengers over the age of six years old, the airline said it would also now clean and disinfecting aircraft “in accordance with new procedures adapted to the extraordinary situation”.   

It has changed boarding procedures so that passengers with seats at the rear of the aircraft board first. This will mean that no one will have to pass other passengers to get to their seats.  It has removed all loose items, such as magazines in the seat pockets, pillows, blankets and trays. It has stopped food and drinks service on board to reduce contact between passengers and crew. And it has limited luggage to one item per passenger.


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