Schools have been shut down in Five States in USA


Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Michigan and New Mexico have become the first US states to shut all K-12 schools over coronavirus concerns.

Washington may be next; Gov. Jay Inslee told school districts across the state to prepare to close, while some large school districts have already shut.

In Maryland, all schools will close for two weeks, from March 16-27.

In Ohio, all schools — including public, private, and, charter — will close from March 16 through at least April 3, a closure that impacts 1.66 million students.

In Kentucky, all public and private schools are suspending in-person classes starting March 16, for at least two weeks. If approved by the state’s education department, school districts may use “non-traditional instruction” instead, like remote learning.

In New Mexico, all public elementary and secondary schools will close starting March 16, for three weeks.

In Michigan, all K-12 schools will be closed from March 16 through April 6.

It’s not just states — many cities have also decided to close entire school districts, including San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, and New Rochelle in New York state.


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