Scientist applaud efforts invested into safety protocols at Kotoka Int’l Airport


A scientist at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborate Research (KCCR) has scored high marks for the safety protocols introduced at the Kotoka International Airport following the opening of Ghana’s air border.

Dr. Augustina Sylverken said a cursory look at the coronavirus safety protocols reveals a multi-level strategy by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to fight the importation of the virus into Ghana.

“I see levels of strategies: so the level number one is for that person who is coming into the country to be in the possession of a valid PCR-negative test and then once they disembark, it is important that they are in a nose mask, which is also another good level then the third level is about the fact that they need to be tested again. But this time, it will not be based on the PCR test but an antigen test,” she said.

She said it is clear that the GHS has covered all the possible sources of importation of the virus into Ghana.

Dr. Augustina Sylverken was speaking to GhanaWeb about her views on the measures introduced at the Kotoka International Airport for arriving passengers.

As part of measures to curb the importation and spread of COVID-19, the government of Ghana directed on Sunday, August 30, 2020, that a mandatory COVID-19 Antigen test at a cost of $150 for must be done by all arriving passengers at the KIA.

This is in addition to a negative PCR-test from a credible institution in the country they are coming from.

For departing passengers, they are asked to present a negative PCR test conducted by an accredited facility before they will be allowed to leave the country.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, Dr. Sylverken said while the levels of protocols are commendable, there is a need for an explanation for the choice of antigen testing and the level of sensitivity and specificity of the test.

Source: ghanaweb