South Africa: President describes country’s economy recovery as ‘long and difficult’


South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has warned of a “long and difficult” recovery from the decline in economic activity caused by coronavirus pandemic.

The country’s unemployment rate of 30% will soon increase, he warned in his weekly newsletter.

The president said the government is finalising an economic recovery programme who main thrust is protection and creation of jobs.

“Creating jobs for people that add value to their communities through maintenance, care work and other services, keeps people engaged in productive activity. It helps them to retain and to develop skills,” he said.

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“We will do what we must to build an economy that is resilient and dynamic, that creates work and opportunity, and that meets the needs of all our people.”

South Africa has to date confirmed 445, 433 coronavirus cases – the highest in Africa and the fifth highest globally after the US, Brazil, India and Russia