South Africa’s president urges U.N to supply Africa with stimulus package


Africa needs support from the rest of the world in order to rebuild “our shattered economies” in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has told the meeting of the UN’s General Assembly.

Mr Ramaphosa, who was also speaking in his role as the chair of the African Union, said the continent needs help with a “comprehensive stimulus package”.

He also called for the suspension of interest payments on government debt and said sanctions against Sudan and Zimbabwe should be dropped, to help those two countries recover.

Addressing the meeting from South Africa he turned his attention to racism in light of the Black Lives matter protests.

“As a country that has known too well the anguish of institutionalised racism,” he said.

“South Africa supports the demands for swift action against racism, whether committed by individuals, companies, officials or a state.”