Stepfather allegedly ‘baptize’ 3-year-old stepdaughter with hot water


Shocking incident occured when furious stepfather allegedly poured boiling water on his 3-year-old stepdaughter, Dodo Elizabeth – who has been severely injured – for disrespecting him.

According to reports, the said incident happened at Ahansonyewodea in the Obuasi East District of Ashanti Region.

Confirming the incident, the mother of the child, Lagbezi Mary, who is nine months pregnant, revealed that the man who inflicted such wickedness on her daughter is not her biological father, rather, her stepfather.

Residents also corroborated the story, as they disclosed that the supposed stepfather punishes the young girl at will, at the blind side of the mother.

The young girl has been admitted at the Obuasi government hospital, where she has been receiving treatment.

The paramedic in charge of Elizabeth explained that due to the injury, she had lost a lot of blood, so she has received blood treatment and is currently in good condition.

When asked, the 25-year-old stepfather, Dodo Kofi justified his actions by claiming that the girl disobey and disregards all his orders, but obey that of her mother without question.

At the same time, Togbe Adagbe, commander of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (Dovvsu) in Obuas Division, refuted a broad notion that the stepfather intentionally poured the hot water on his own stepdaughter.

He joked about how a stepfather would have the mind to do such to a child. He rather blamed it on parental negligence. “It is not true that the father caused the injuries to the 3-year-old, it’s rather negligence

“The child was playing with fire on the blind side of her parents, unfortunately the water on the fire poured on her but because the family are financially incapacitated they couldn’t take her to hospital on time leaving the injuries to escalate”.