Swiss Airlines considering mandatory coronavirus testing for flights


Swiss airlines is investigating the use of rapid coronavirus tests on flights after a similar program has been adopted in Germany.

Swiss airlines could soon be following the lead of its German parent company Lufthansa in requiring all passengers to provide a negative coronavirus test in order to board the plane. 

Passengers flying on Lufthansa’s Munich to Hamburg route can only board the plane with evidence of a negative coronavirus test. 

If they do not have evidence of a negative test which was taken in the past 48 hours, they will be required to take a rapid test at the airport before boarding. 

Pursuant to the plan, all airline staff would also be tested. 

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This test is free, German media outlet Welt reported on Wednesday

According to Swiss airlines, a similar plan is being developed here. 

Swiss media spokesman Michael Stief said a similar plan was being developed for major airports. 

“We are currently working on a concept of how rapid tests can be introduced at the airports in Zurich and Geneva,” he told Swiss media outlet 20 Minutes

“The aim is to enable mobility and freedom of travel even during the pandemic and at the same time to ensure health protection.”

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Stief said rapid tests could relaunch the struggling airline industry which has been crippled by coronavirus travel restrictions. 

“The combination of a quick test before departure and another test after arrival could be a useful way of ensuring a particularly high level of protection in risk areas,” he said. 

“It offers great potential for reducing travel restrictions between individual countries.”