This year’s Law School entrance results manipulated – Kwaku Asare


US-based Ghanaian lawyer, Prof Kwaku Asare, says although the latest law school entrance results is an improvement, it still falls short of the quest to have all qualified law degree holders access to the school.

Unlike the previous year when only twenty-eight students passed out of 1,820, this year saw 1,045 passes, out of a total of 2,720.

Speaking to Starr News, Prof Kwaku Asare who has been one of the lead advocates for an increase in admissions into the Ghana law school called calls for an investigation into the significant rates in the passes. He says he suspects the system is being manipulated.

“It appears to be better than what we had last year, but it still significantly short of our goal to allow anyone with a law degree be given the opportunity to take the qualifying certificate of examination.”

He went on to say, “furthermore, several questions are raised by the results this year. First and formest how did the percentage go from 7% to a little under 40%? That is a change that must be probed because it appears to me that last year something happened such that not even 10% of the students could pass, and this year, after some clamouring, all of a sudden we are told that less than 40% per cent passed, so we need to probe that.”

“It appears to me that the system is being manipulated to make up the numbers because there is no reason why one cohort of students would be so significantly better than the others or worse than the others. It seems to me somebody is just there and then giving the numbers, that should stop because we are talking about the future of young people.”

Prof Asare added “and they are allowing people who have just been voted for to influence their lives in a significantly negative way. That is very disturbing and it must stop.”

Source: Starr FM