Top Things to do whilst holidaying in Ghana


When people plan their holiday vacations, they usually choose a popular tourist destination like Hawaii or Paris. Westerners have a habit of visiting places which are portrayed well by the media. But there are so many other beautiful travel destinations which don’t get enough attention.

Ghana is terrific for holiday travel. Westerners might think of it as a poor developing country because they listen to western news outlets too much. You should try listening to the Ghana news outlets because they give a more honest representation of Ghana. These media outlets are accessible online.

Ghana is one of Africa’s most economically prosperous nations. It has plenty of beaches, castles, restaurants, historical sites, markets, art galleries and national parks. The travel accommodations are also quite affordable if you choose the right travel agent to set up your itinerary.

According to Ghana Talks Radio, below are the top eight things to do while holidaying in Ghana. You won’t find too many other places in the world where you can do all of these things on a holiday vacation.

1) Cape Coast Castle

In the 16th century, European traders found their way to West Africa and built a slave castle in West Africa called Cape Coast Castle. Hundreds of years later, the castle structure still stands in modern-day Ghana. It is a beautiful tourist attraction overlooking the ocean in the city of Cape Coast. The tour will show you everything in the castle, from the governor’s bedroom to the dark dungeons underground.

2) Mole National Park

Mole National Park features exotic wildlife, such as elephants, baboons, antelopes, and warthogs. There are 90 different mammal species to be found in the park. The best part is that you can walk through the park on foot or in a jeep safari ride. Where else can you walk up to an elephant and look it in the eye?

3) Kejetia Market

The Kejetia Market is one of the largest marketplaces in West Africa. You can find this market in the city of Kumasi. It is easy to recognize because it has sizeable rusty tin roofs hovering over the entire structure. If you took an aerial picture of the market, it would look like a spaceship landed in the middle of the city.

The market contains approximately 11,000 stalls. Local merchants sell all kinds of items at the market, including bracelets, batik, sandals, glass beads, plastic knick-knacks, and clothes. Ghana radio often announces discounts and special deals available at the market. You should tune in for those announcements after you arrive in Kumasi.

4) Labadi Beach

Accra is the capital and largest city of Ghana. There are a lot of gorgeous beaches in Accra, but the most popular one is Labadi Beach. You’ll find seaside hotels, entertainers, and restaurants serving tasty cocktails and food. The entertainers come out onto the streets with the drums and guitars. Many of them are reggae bands and dancers blending Ghanaian culture with hip hop.

5) National Museum of Ghana

Are you interested in African history? The National Museum of Ghana will open your eyes to the realities of Ghana’s past. It features plenty of exciting exhibits of the Atlantic slave-trade, which gives you insight into what the lives of African slaves were like hundreds of years ago in Ghana. The museum displays classic Ghanaian household objects, clothes, and tools.

6) Jamestown

Jamestown emerged from a British fort built in the 17th century. It is a poor neighborhood in Accra. However, it contains several fascinating colonial buildings and architecture, including corrugated iron shacks and clapboard houses. And if you like boxing, you can visit one of the local boxing gyms and watch young people sparring it out.

7) Republic Bar & Grill

The Republic Bar & Grill is a recognizable restaurant in Accra. It has bright red walls, an outdoor wooden deck and a fantastic view of the water. As you look around inside, you’ll see all kinds of old vintage postcards and B&W photographs from the local area.

Tourists will love the Ghanaian food served at the restaurant. Some of the menu choices include stir-fried veggies, boiled brown Ghana rice with brown beans, spicy oven grilled chicken wings, avocado mixed with tuna, and spicy minced beef balls. Alcoholic beverage choices include red wine, white wine, ciders, and beers.

8) Global Mamas

Do you want to try some Ghanaian fashion? The Global Mamas store sells a variety of Ghanaian cultural hats, dresses, clothes, and accessories. All of the items sold in the store are handmade by local Ghanaian women. It is a way for them to generate a stable income for their families.