Traders accuse Ghana Fire Service of negligence following incident at Makola


Some traders in the central business district of Accra, Makola, whose products were destroyed in Monday’s inferno, are accusing the Ghana National Fire Service of negligence.

According to them, the situation would not have worsened if the Service had been timely and responsible enough.

“The Ghana National Fire Service has an office a stone throw away, so we called them immeidatey the fire started. They got here only to tell us that they have no water to quench the fire.”

“One of the firemen snapped at one woman who kept asking how the fire will be quenched. What sort of country is this? Our safety is not guaranteed,” a frustrated trader said.

[Fire guts building at Makola Market Accra]

“I was there when the fire started. I rushed to the fire station only to be told that they are not working. I enquired and I was told it is because there is no water. I then asked the fireman to follow me to the place and help us to use the fire extinguisher since most of us have no knowledge about it.”

“I was shocked to hear his response. He told me that it is not his job to teach us that. Three of their cars subsequently came in and they had no water. We stood helplessly watching our priced possessions burn,” another trader lamented.

The Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service, Ellis Robinson Okoe, in a Citi News interview denied claims that the Service has not been proactive.

“We have about 9 fire tenders here. Our main challenge was how to access the building. If the shops were opened, it would have helped us.”

“We received the call at 10 past 9 and we were there within minutes.”

Responding to the accusations made by the traders, Mr. Robinson Okoe said, “I am not aware of that, but we are expecting to know what exactly happened after the investigations, probably they did not know how to operate them [fire extinguishers].”

“We will know if we are to train them on how to use the extinguishers after the investigations.”

Source: citinewsroom