Transport fares to go up by 13 per cent from Saturday


Transport fares are to go up 13 per cent from Saturday, June 5, following a review by Road Transport Operators.

In a release, the operators said the increment was after a review of prices of various components that went into providing the commercial transport services.

The release said the review was in line with the administrative arrangement on Public Transport Fares, saying; “After long and difficult negotiations with stakeholders, a 13 per cent upward adjustment in public transport fares across all categories of services has been agreed upon.”

It said it was to “accommodate predominantly an increase in the price of fuel.”

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The release said fares covered the following types of Road Transport Operations: Intercity (Trotro), Intercity (Long Distance), and Shared Taxis.

It said upon consultations, government had assured that it would continue with efforts to prevent a steep rise in input cost.

“Government has also assured us by a letter from the Ministry of Finance that the suspension of the quarterly income tax payment by owners of trotros and taxis would be extended to cover Intercity Commuter Vehicles to reduce the operational cost.

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“We, therefore, encourage government to keep to its commitment in this regard,” the release said.

Source: GNA