[#Trending] Major Causes of road accidents across Ghana


Road accidents, have been a major cause of fatalities in Ghana. Sadly, alot of people have lost their lives because of this. An analysis of data collated by the Motor Traffic and Transportation Department  (MTTD) shows that between January and March, approximately 771 road accidents were recorded amid the Covid pandemic. 

As of the beginning of April 2021 , the Ghana Health Service recorded a mortality rate of 757 which clearly indicates that road accident mortality is higher than Covid.

Additionally, over 1,583 road clashes involved motorcycles. Meanwhile, the road Safety Commission, in collaboration with the MTTD, frequently organise road safety workshops for commercial drivers to enlighten them about the road signs. 

This is also in addition to the road safety precautions that have been introduced into the school syllabus in an attempt to educate pupils about various road signs and safety. 

Most of the road accidents are attributed to excessive alcoholic drinking, over speeding and at times  unnecessary overtaking of other vehicles on the road. 

The MTTD, often use digital equipment to control over speeding drivers to help prevent road accidents.
Road maintenance such as filling out of potholes on the roads to avoid or reduce accident are regularly checked. 

The Road Safety Commission urges road users to be very cautious on the road, follow road signs and if you drink, don’t drive!