[#Trending] Unsanitary Condition of Odaw River in Greater Accra Ghana


The development of Ghana has been hindered as a result of unsanitary conditions in Accra.
The Odaw River in Odorna has been producing nothing but diseases and environmental pollution.

The river flows from the Abokobi and Adjankote Hills through to Ashongman, Atomic Energy, West Legon, Achimota, Alajo, Avenor and Agbobloshie before entering into the Atlantic Ocean through Korle Lagoon.

However, the government spend huge amounts of money to dredge the river and clear garbage from it, but unfortunately, it appears that surrounding residents tend to throw all manner of waste materials into the river.

Others also squat alongside the banks of the river to deficate into the Odaw River.

Dredge Masters, a subsidiary of Jospong Group of Companies, was awarded the contract of dredging the river in November 2015.

Also, works undertaking by Dredge Masters include de-silting and refuse removal from the river to prevent flooding.

Markets and other economic activities including scrap dealers along the river, have worsened matters.

The more that people continue to dump refuse carelessly, the more the refuse finds its way into the Odaw River.