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According to Forbes, Tyler Perry is officially a billionaire. The details of his success are written about in a long-form article entitled From “Poor As Hell” to Billionaire: How Tyler Perry Changed Show Business Forever. If you don’t have the time, the name of that write-up should be enough to support our opening sentence. 

For those who crave specifics, are looking for something to aspire to, or simply read shit on the internet while procrastinating, his wealth breaks down like so:

$320 million comes from his entire library of films, TV shows, plays, and whatever else he’s made. He owns 100 percent of the content. $300 million comes from cash/investments. His 330-acre Tyler Perry Studios lot in Georgia is valued at $280 million. $60 million comes from his stake in BET’s streaming service BET+, which came out in 2019. He also has $40 million in “homes and toys,” in this instance “toys” is a cute fill-in word for stuff like planes. That adds up to exactly $1 billion so if he loses a dollar we’ll update.

Forbes also reports that Perry has earned in excess of $1.4 billion since 2005. “I love when people say you come from ‘humble beginnings,’ ” he said to the outlet. “[It] means you were poor as hell.” 

In other Perry news he’ll be getting the 2020 Governors Award when the 78th annual Primetime Emmys airs on Sunday Sept. 20. 

In describing that award the Television Academy said it’s presented to “an individual, company, organization or project for outstanding achievement in the arts and sciences or management of television which is either of a cumulative nature or so extraordinary and universal in nature as to go beyond the scope of the Emmy Awards presented in the categories and areas of the competition.”

Source: Complex


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