U.S: Family cry for justice after Breonna Taylor was brutally shot in her Apartment


26-year-old Lousiville resident Breonna Taylor was shot 8-times in her apartment as local authorities executed a drug warrant on March 13.

In a lawsuit filed on April 27, Breonna’s family is accusing Lousiville law enforcement of wrongful death, excessive force, and gross negligence.

A summary of the lawsuit states that on March 13, Louisville police officers arrived at Breonna’s apartment to execute a drug warrant looking for a man that did not live in Breonna’s apartment complex. Two Louisville officers and one sergeant forced their way into Breonna’s apartment “without knocking and without announcing themselves,” at which point, Breonna and her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, believed someone was breaking into their home. Police fired more than 20 rounds inside the apartment, the lawsuit states. Kenneth, a registered gun owner, fired back, striking one of the officers in self-defense. No drugs were found in the home.