UK-based Ghanaian lady mummify boyfriend with acid, over cheating assumption


A young Ghanaian lady living in the United Kingdom is to spend the next 14 years behind bars for pouring acid on her boyfriend as he slept in their home in Wembley.

Esther Afrifa, 28, is reported by to have bought a litre of sulphuric acid online and left it by her bedside ready to attack her 29-year-old boyfriend, Kelvin Pogo.

The jealous woman is also said to have gone to extraordinary lengths to stop Pogo from getting medical treatment after the first attack, leaving him with life-changing injuries that have left him plagued by suicidal thoughts.

“Every time there is a knock at the door I’m scared someone is going to hurt me. She used to be my world and she did this to me. I just can’t understand it. Every day I wake up is like the day she attacked me. It’s like time has stopped,” Kelvin is reported to have said.

All this is said to have come about after Esther Afrifa wrongly believed her boyfriend was sleeping with a university classmate.

She is also reported to have “tried to get him to drink acid from a Nike sports bottle but he was only saved due to his distrust of tap water since his childhood in Africa.”

Afrifa is reported to have poured the acid onto Pogo’s chest at 3.30am on December 22, 2019, quickly burning through his t-shirt.

“At first, he did not realise his girlfriend was responsible and asked her to get help before pouring holy water on his wounds. She pretended to call 999, blocked his friends from calling, and cancelled a taxi that was due to take him to hospital,” the report added.

At her second time, Esther Afrifa struck while Kelvin lay resting on the sofa with already painful wounds, pouring more acid over his face and body.

“He ran from the flat screaming and was helped by a passing stranger who got him medical help,” the report added.

Judge Charles Bourne QC who handed down the sentence to Afrifa, called it “a truly wicked thing to do.”

She is likely to be deported to Ghana after her release, the report added.