Universities, Sports to resume from 1 June in Tanzania


Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has announced that university students and final-year secondary students will return to class on 1 June.

Sporting events, which have also been halted for at least two months to stop the spread of coronavirus, will also resume then.

But other secondary school and primary school pupils will not be returning yet.

The president’s announcement is another clear indication that Tanzania is determined to go back to business to normal.

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Tanzania stopped giving out daily statistics on new infections several weeks ago, but President Magufuli insists that the country’s infection rates have significantly declined.

Unlike other countries in the region, Tanzania has not imposed a lockdown or imposed strict restrictions on its citizens, though they are urged to social distance, wear face masks and wash their hands.

Some countries, like the United States, believe that the number of cases in the East African nation could be much higher than has been reported, something which the authorities dispute.


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