Utah will require fathers to pay half of pregnancy costs


The U.S state of Utah has passed a new bill that will require fathers to pay only half of the out-of-pocket expenses.

The bill was introduced by Republican State Representative Brady Brammer, signed by Governor Spencer Cox, went ahead to garner wide support from state legislators.

As reported, the bill calls for fathers to pay 50% of a mother’s insurance premiums even as she is pregnant and pregnancy-associated clinical costs, along with the clinic delivery of the child.

According to the law, the father of the child does not owe any money until paternity has been fully established – in a case where the paternity is disputed.

The bill also states that if the mother accepts an abortion without the consent of the biological father, the biological father does not owe any money unless the abortion is necessary to avoid the death of the mother, or the mother becomes pregnant due to rape or incest.

According to Brammer and the state’s Planned Parenthood Association, Utah appears to be the only state that requires prenatal support.