[Watch]: Woman on ‘First Dates’ mortified as her date pulled out his penis tattoo in the middle of restaurant


Man Whips Out His Penis Tattoo In First Dates Restaurant

A woman on First Dates was left mortified when her date got his penis tattoo out in the middle of the famous restaurant.

Other diners in the Paternoster Chop House got a glimpse of Welshman Rhys’ member when he whipped it out, presumably in the hope of impressing his date Nikita with his ink.

Credit: Channel 4

For some unknown reason, Rhys has the words ‘lucky girl’ tattooed on himself – much to Nikita’s horror.

He jumped up out of his seat in the crowded restaurant, saying: “Let me check first.”

While he reached for his zip, waitress CiCi asked him: “What are you checking for?! Are we good down there? Everything okay?”

Trying to show off to Nikita, 24, Rhys showed it to her, saying: “See? It says ‘lucky girl’ on it.”

Both Nikita and an unlucky man who was sat behind them looked shocked at the sight.

CiCi laughed, saying: “God!”

The pair did get past the phallic faux pas and went on to speak about Nikita’s six-year-old son Oscar.

She showed Rhys some photos of him and by the end of the episode, they had organised a second date, with Rhys reportedly on his ‘best behaviour’ for their second meet up.

The dating show has brought dozens of couples together, even if it’s not with their original date.

A contestant who has terminal cancer found love after a viewer who saw him on the show felt ‘compelled’ to get in touch with him.

Julian Fiano appeared on First Dates in December 2018 and his positive attitude towards his diagnosis inspired viewers – none more so than Lucy Docherty.

The 30-year-old was warned by her friends and family that it could bring her a lot of pain if she got attached to Julian, 32, who was given between nine and 12 months to live when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma four years ago.

Unperturbed, Lucy made her move, and now she’s ‘happier than ever’ sharing her life with Julian.

She said: “Our relationship has progressed to a level maybe neither of us expected. Now we live together and he’s my best friend as well as my partner.

“I’m fully aware of Julian’s prognosis and we face it head-on together, but I want to enjoy our relationship like other people our age and I feel blessed that we are able to do that.”

The couple shared their story to support The Brain Tumour Charity and raise awareness about its Great Minds campaign, which aims to raise funds for research and supporting people living with a brain tumour.

You can support The Brain Tumour Charity’s Great Minds t-shirt campaign here and follow Julian and Lucy on Instagram here.