We don’t want autocratic husbands, we want to be independent – Zongo Women cry out


Adiza Ibrahim Sadiq, head of the Zongo Women Empowerment programme has spoken on behalf of all Zongo women that they do not want autocratic men who will not allow them take steps to becoming independent women.

She explained to host, Eunice Dede Tornyi on eTV Ghana’s African Women’s Voices that in Islam, men are the leaders in a household and they are supposed to be responsible for the family’s upkeep, not to be autocratic, hence the women do not expect such behaviour.

“Things are changing. If you’re not allowing her to pursue her dreams, it’s not fair. You married her with a degree and you’re telling her not to work because you don’t want her to go out there.

When your wife grows and she becomes phenomenal, you become phenomenal yourself. We have a lot of women in the Zongo who have potential but some of the men don’t allow us”, she sounded to the men.

According to Adiza, the Islam religion understands that women are worthy to be independent, hence liberates them, but some men who have confused their culture or tradition with the religion are those who are found preventing their wives from working to build their finances.

In her opinion, men who do not allow their wives go that far do that because they are scared the women will go beyond their boundaries and no more be submissive. This is where Adiza assures that the Zongo women, no matter how far they go in life, will do no such thing because they have their limitations which they respect and will never go beyond.

Source: e.TV Ghana