We will quit burial duties if attacks continues – COVID-19 Burial Team


The COVID-19 burial team has threatened to quit its duties if attacks on them by families of persons who die as a result of coronavirus do not cease immediately.

This comes after the team was beaten at the Ridge Hospital by some angry relatives who protested claims that their deceased relative died of COVID-19.

Speaking to Citi News, Supervisor of the COVID-19 burial team, Joseph Asitanga said if the situation persists, members of the team will be forced to quit the burial duties.

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“When you get home after finishing the services, even your family members run away and do not want to get close to you. So if we sacrifice and risk our lives and do this work only for us to go and meet this heckling then possibly we will boycott the burial. If families misbehave, we will let them take their bodies and go and bury them if they can do it.”

Meanwhile, the team also complained that members are yet to receive any of the incentive packages promised by the government for frontline health workers.

“Since the onset of this exercise, we were supposed to be benefitting from the tax reliefs and possibly the 50 percent allowance in addition to our salaries and other incentives in the form of insurance packages that were announced. But we are still waiting for the date to see how things will go.”

Source: Citinewsroom