Yaya Mayweather Reveals Pregnancy Following NBA Youngboy’s Arrest


Yaya Mayweahter and NBA YoungBoy allegedly have a baby on the way.

The daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, took to Instagram recently to post TikTok dance moves. Minds were blown once viewers noticed her pregnant belly. Prior to her recent reveal, she failed to confirmed nor deny the alleged pregnancy. Instead, she remained silent and abandoned social media after news of her pregnancy “leaked” online.

The 19 year-old has been in a contentious on-and-off again relationship with multi-platinum selling rapper, NBA YoungBoy. YB is expected to be the father of Yaya’s baby. The “Dirty Iyanna” rapper allegedly fathers six children of his own by five women. Earlier in the year, Yaya was arrested after allegedly stabbing one of the Louisiana rapper’s baby mothers. Following the arrest, she was reportedly charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, leading to a potential 99 year prison sentence.

The pregnancy news comes right after rumors of NBA Youngboy’s arrest Monday evening. The 20 year-old rapper’s Instagram and Twitter accounts were deleted following his alleged arrest. His criminal history precedes itself. YB has been hit with attempted murder, violating probation, assault and more. Despite getting recent mentorship from fellow Louisiana native and legend, Master P, he continues to find himself in such situations.

Youngboy recently topped the Billboard 200 album charts with the release of TOP, but it looks like he won’t be able to celebrate it until his release. Fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion about Yaya Mayweather’s pregnancy reveal. While some were disappointed, many were not surprised.