You are not ready to rule Ghana if you cannot legalize okada – Kofi Bentil


Senior Vice President of IMANI Africa, Kofi Bentil has thrown his support behind a campaign promise made by former President Mahama which when materialized will see the legalization and regulation of okada business in the country.

According to Mr. Kofi Bentil, okada business is an honest income source of many people and also an option a person will resort to in the urban areas where vehicular traffic cannot be escaped.

John Mahama while on tour in the Volta Region promised to legalize okada and regulate it when he is voted into power come December 7. This, however, generated debates all over social media, with those in the ruling NPP condemning him whiles those in the NDC declaring full support.

Reacting to this, Kofi Bentil indicated in a social media post that a person who is not prepared to legalize and regulate okada is not prepared to run a country like Ghana where okada business thrives among the youth.

“Okada business is

1. A major source of honest employment for many people.

2. A major service provider of choice in traffic locked Urban areas and underserved rural areas and elsewhere.

If you are not prepared to legalize and properly regulate this important transport and economically viable sub sector, then you are not prepared to run a nation like Ghana. Yes it is hard work but it must be done!!!

Get serious and do the real work !!!!” part of Kofi Bentil’s statement reads.

Source: ghanavanguard


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