You have no right to speak against Kasoa killing, you do worse – Kwesi Pratt drags politicians


Kwesi Pratt Jnr, managing editor of the Insight Newspaper says politicians cannot be left out of the conversation about persons or institutions that must take blame for the killing of the 11-year-old boy in Kasoa by some two teenagers.

According to Pratt, Ghanaian politicians have over the years promoted the notion that one’s chance at succeeding at something is dependent on the dictates of so-called men of God.

He protested that politicians have no moral right to comment on the Kasoa issue as they have over time enforced such notions.

Taking a subtle jab at President Akufo-Addo and Reverend Owusu Bempah who prides himself as the nation’s prophet, Pratt said that some unscrupulous persons have used their relationships with politicians to validate their actions.

“Look at our politicians and what they promote. Today, most politicians have priests they use during the election period and these priests tell us who is going to die today or tomorrow. They are sponsored by leading presidential candidates. Some of them have accorded themselves presidential bishops.

“So if our politicians think that the way to win elections is to get a couple of charlatans to be playing mind games with politicians, what moral authority do they have to complain about what is happening today.

“Some are given all kinds of things as symbol of God’s power and it is published in the media for all to see. What moral authority do they have? All these archbishops and so on who are leading people to their death should get some punishment,” Pratt said on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana programme.

Pratt however condemned the killing of the boy and charged the National Media Commission and relevant institutions to be up and doing.

“Those who give TV licence, what do they actually check before they issue the TV license?” he questioned.

“I watched a certain station that all they show from morning to morning is money-doubling. So, when they were going for the licence, what did they tell the National Communication Authority? Did they tell them they were acquiring the licence to show money-doubling from morning till the next morning? And if that is what they told the National Communication Authority and they permitted it, then it’s a big problem but if that’s not what they told them, then where is the monitoring?

“What is the Bank of Ghana sitting there for? Don’t they see the money-doubling? Doesn’t the Bank of Ghana have a responsibility? Hasn’t the Bank of Ghana heard about the money-doubling? What are they doing about it? The Ghana Police Service, haven’t they also heard about the money-doubling?” Mr. Pratt asked rhetorically.

Source: ghanaweb